Educating the next generation of global citizens.

At Apple Blossom Center for Discovery, we believe every child is capable and will be successful when every family belongs to a supportive educational community. Studies show that when students are taught self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making, their academic performance increases by 11%! This is because when a child is in a safe, supportive environment they are willing to take academic risks, try harder, and persist in the face of challenges(Durlak, Weissberg, Dymnicki, Taylor, & Schellinger, 2011). Children are able to free up their “emotional energy” to figure out and pursue their passions. A meta-study conducted by Columbia University, showed the benefits of a strong social emotional curriculum don’t stop at academic achievement. Students enrolled in schools with a strong social emotional curriculum earned on average $11 more for every $1 their parents or the school system invested (Belfield, Bowden, Klapp, Levin, Shand, Zander, 2015). As a hub for community, creativity, and academic excellence, Apple Blossom Center for Discovery will provide your child with the elements of success.


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