We're All Super Heros at ABCDAt Apple Blossom Center for Discovery, we believe every child is capable, and will be successful, when the family belongs to a supportive educational community. Our goal is to provide children with the foundations for success, nurtured within a village where creativity and academic excellence flourish.

Using the Finnish model of education, each child is given enough structure and one on one time with teachers to far surpass the common core curriculum requirements. As each course is mastered, more advanced material is given. Our educators are experts in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Education. They combine the Montessori Method of hands-on learning and teacher observations with small class size to ensure focus on each student’s mastery of our curriculum. In addition, a child’s curiosity allows for limitless opportunities to learn!

Learning Environment

Apple Blossom Center for Discovery is designed for the child, and our students love having indoor and outdoor learning spaces. The indoor classrooms are organized around cooperative learning areas with gently colorful walls bathed in natural light. Our outdoor classrooms and playground make use of the gorgeous 1-acre property and are generously shaded by lovely oak trees.

The psychological atmosphere flows naturally from the learning environment. Our Guides are calm and patient, using encouragement, positive expectations, and considerate words and requests. We believe in treating children with respect and strive to create an authoritative atmosphere as opposed to the more common authoritarian atmosphere found in most schools.

The use of multiple teaching methodologies merged with hands on learning is enriched by individual practice and cooperative learning groups. Our students are encouraged to take academic risks and learn from their mistakes. The curriculum pulls from our students’ imagination, resulting in a variety of interests, fun, and meaningful learning that sticks with them throughout their academic career!


Your family will be a part of the tight-knit ABCD community, which recognizes its responsibility to the larger Austin Community and as global citizens. Your child will build lasting friendships and have ample opportunities to collaborate with other students on and off the playground. Our school firmly believes in facilitating conflict resolution and making sure our students exercise “Voice and Choice” (influence and autonomy).

There are Home Involvement Activities, monthly potlucks, and Stay and Play Fridays. Our students visit the farms we source our fresh fruits and vegetables from and each age group chooses and completes a volunteer activity every semester. Foreign language and culture instruction begin with our Pre-K, and self-discovery about their roles in the larger world community will continue through the eighth grade. Your child will participate in fun and educational field trips to local cultural associations and enjoy studying books written by and about people of various cultures and ethnicity.


The academics at Apple Blossom Center for Discovery exceed the Massachusetts Education standards (ranked the #1 state in the U.S. for Education) and the best of Common Core, Texas Education standards. Our curriculum is based on the Finnish Education System, consistently internationally ranked in the top three. Our goal for each student is to easily transition to any school and excel. Through teaching, guidance, support and carefully monitoring the progress of each student throughout their time here, we ensure they progress. Our school day is from 8am-4pm. The longer school day allows for better observation of students and ensures mastery of content without assigning homework. We firmly believe that homework is unnecessary, until around high school, and takes away from valuable family and relaxation time. To break up each day, there are frequent recess intermissions, giving our students time to explore academically and socially, while getting plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Social-Emotional Intelligence

We all know academics alone are not the key to our children’s future success. Social-Emotional Intelligence is as important, if not more important, than a strong understanding of math and literature. Our students are taught mindfulness, healthy coping strategies, and interpersonal effectiveness.

All of the students are shown how to identify their own emotions and taught self-regulation through mindfulness, which aids in developing empathy for others. Our guides support students in recognizing healthy boundaries, a skill that is crucial in relationships. We assist each with identifying core strengths and values, improving feelings of self-worth and self-respect. Your child will also learn positive ways to resolve conflict. All of these core skills will serve long after they graduate from Apple Blossom Center for Discovery.